FAQ’s for Strive Patients

Your Strive care team has access to your daily regime and is there for you to help you meet your recovery and lifestyle goals.

  • How do I connect the Strive Sensors to the App?
    1. Grab your smartphone or tablet and the Strive Sensors, you will need both the blue and gray sensors. 2. Check the Bluetooth is enabled on your smartphone or tablet. Bluetooth is how Strive communicates with your sensors. 3. Open the Strive app and tap on "Exercises." Select "Connect to Sensors" from the Exercise screen. 4. Press the power button on both sensors. the sensors will respond by flashing the Blue LED. 5. When your sensors appear in the app, tap "Connect." When they are connected, the Green LED will be solid. 6. You are now ready to begin your exercises!
  • Getting started with Strive
    When you first start using Strive, make sure to use the Quick Start Guide provided with your sensors. Read through each screen in the app when you first log in. This will introduce you to the Strive experience and how the app and sensors work. If you continue to have questions, call technical support or log a support ticket below for assistance.
  • Problems playing educational content
    Contact us by calling technical support or logging a support ticket.
  • Problem with the app
    Contact us by calling technical support or logging a support ticket.
  • I am having trouble connecting the sensors to my mobile device. What to do?
    Contact us by calling technical support or logging a support ticket.
  • What happens if incision photo capture does not work?
    Go to your phones setting and make sure you are allowing Strive to access your camera.
  • How do I purchase the Strive MedTech sensors and platform?
    Ask your healthcare provider if they utilize Strive. If they do not, have them request a consultation through our website under the “Contact Us” section to begin the process.

How Can We Help?

Learn more about using your Strive Sensors and the mobile app in the user manual Or, submit a support ticket for help in the following areas:

  • Submit a Support Ticket

    Submit your request below and a member of our support team will contact you in 1-2 business days to assist you. If you have immediate concerns, please call us at 866-787-4836. For medical emergencies call 911.
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