Strive is a Full-Cycle, Total Care Healthcare Platform

Dr. Obma and Walter Cloud started Strive MedTech, a Full-Cycle Musculoskeletal Digital Healthcare Platform, to balance their passion for improving Patient outcomes with every Provider and Payer’s need to practice profitably as healthcare systems and practices evolve.

Strive is a medical technology company founded by medical professionals, designed by and created for Patients, Providers, and Payers.

Assessment Tools

Empowering musculoskeletal providers with the ability to diagnose and refer patients on to the correct care path. Empowering PCPs, Urgent Care, Physical Therapists and Athletic Trainers to have specialty knowledge.

Episode of Care Monitoring

Remotely monitor patients before and after surgery to improve outcomes, compliance, and achieve fewer visits, readmissions, and complications.

Strive Sensors Technology

Best-of-breed sensors for diangostic measurements and remote exercise monitoring designed for knees, shoulders, hip, neck, lower back, ankles, and elbows

Increase efficiency while improving communication and outcomes

Surgeons and Musculoskeletal Providers are pressured to perform a high volume of assessments and procedures to drive revenue and profitability. They lose time they don’t have on documentation, organization, and unexpected needs for communication.

The Strive platform empowers Providers to stratify patients based on needs and risk, and guides patients to be accountable for contributing to their own success. Continuous remote monitoring decreases unnecessary (unprofitable) visits, and provides the ability to focus on patients that truly need it. Providers are enabled to see more new patients, with the peace-of-mind that all surgical patients are being cared for remotely via Strive throughout the entire episode of care.

Use Strive’s platform for total joint replacement episode of care

Cost Savings

Initial data suggests Strive’s platform saves a medical practice between $1,000 and $3,000 per patient.

Reduce Clinic Visits

With remote monitoring and communication with patients, Strive provides a reduction in call volumes and unnecessary clinic visits

Improved Outcomes

Evidence-based best practices and standards. Better care + better outcomes = cost reductions.

Proven Accuracy

95% accurate in differentiating meniscus tears versus arthritis to decrease the need for costly MRIs and unnecessary surgeries.

Decrease Complications

Improving patient access when complications arise allows a patient to recover at home enabling them to get back to life and work faster with a better outcome.

Integrated Physical Therapy

Appropriate number of outpatient physical therapy visits with referrals and efficient processing of patients at an overall reduced cost to the healthcare system.

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