Patient Benefits

1/3 of Americans suffer from an orthopedic issue. Undergoing knee surgery is a life altering event. Patients and family members are expecting increased access to healthcare providers to navigate the joint replacement process.

Strive is built by medical providers and patients to bridge the gap between outpatient care and when patients aren’t in clinical settings. A total remote care platform for orthopedic care that integrates prehab, rehab, and post-op therapy. Strive Orthopedics is an end-to-end solution from diagnosis through surgery, recovery, and post-op care.

Use Strive Anywhere

Engaging mobile app paired with wearable sensor technology. Complete your patient care and exercises remotely and upload photos of your progress.

Daily Engagement

Patients are presented with daily education, surveys and exercises for their providers to remotely manage care.

Improved Outcomes

The patient data submitted in real time improves satisfaction, surgical and patient reported outcomes.

Faster Access to Providers

With daily messages and telemedicine, patients experience improved access to providers when issues arise without scheduling an office visit.

Decrease Complications

Improving patient access when complications arise allows a patient to recover at home enabling them to get back to life and work faster with a better outcome.

Invite Friends & Family

Your appointed friends and family will have the ability to see your progress and support you in your pre opp planning and post op recovery.

Are you a candidate for Strive?

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Support through your journey

We are a team dedicated to getting you on a path to a healthier you, faster. To learn more about Strive and our state-of-the-art technology that will help you throughout your recovery journey please contact one of our care team members.