The Amazing Trifecta: Reasons for Patients to Participate in Remote Care, Powered by Strive

Remote Care, powered by Strive, is the future and it is here to stay. There are so many reasons to showcase in the remote patient care realm, I had a hard time narrowing it down.  Here at Strive I am fortunate to be in the position to tell you about my favorite reasons. Believe me, the choice was hard, but I did end up with the amazing trifecta you see below. 

Keep Healthy Patients Healthy

No mask is needed when setting up remote care, powered by Strive, in your own home.  By limiting the need to return to the health facility for an appointment, you are decreasing the risk of exposure to germs.  This goes both ways!  If you are not feeling well, you can still participate in receiving excellent care and physician appointments from your bed or couch.  

I have to say, sitting in the waiting rooms anywhere right now is interesting. A simple sneeze and panic ensues…. all the while trying to explain you just have allergies is a nightmare! This is the new normal for us and it is comforting to know there are remote care specialists to help serve you wherever you are and in any condition you find yourself.

Advice, Education and Care on Demand

“What is wrong with me!” Online searches have been the go-to for years in households. Searching symptom checkers which seem to always end up telling you the worst-case scenario.  If you’re anything like me, you all of a sudden are in a panic due to the detrimental health problem or disease you just figured out you have…just by looking up “is my knee pain normal?”.  

Strive remote platforms and online care, managed by your healthcare professional, can save you the panic and help you understand your health situation appropriately.  Articles and education housed in the Strive platform are catered to your situation.  If you’re being treated for knee pain, all of the information is structured around your knee care adventure.  You can eliminate the desperate searches online and work with your provider from the comfort of your own home.  

Accountability in Care 

Fitness trackers have helped us become accountable for our personal health.  With remote care, powered by Strive, you can achieve the same instant gratification and results you’ve become accustomed to with your fitness tracker.  

I am in a constant competition with myself to reach a new personal record on my fitness device. The day I forget to wear it and have to start over is agonizing! Strive offers the same concept for self-motivation.  The difference is your health care professionals and personal cheering team are also checking in on your progress, so you definitely want to impress by having trackable evidence of the hard work you are putting into your healthcare journey. Daily tasks and exercises are checked off with awards and progression tracking. Satisfaction in seeing how much you accomplish helps keep you accountable in your care. Accountability in care leads to better care, better outcomes. 

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