Strive MedTech, a Telehealth Innovator, Gets Backing and New Office at TitletownTech

GREEN BAY, WI​ — Strive MedTech’s new remote healthcare application has been gaining momentum in Wisconsin by helping improve outcomes for orthopedic surgery patients, while keeping patients safe at home as we adjust to our new normal. 

“Patients are often surprised by the​ amount of preparation and multiple office visits required before and following joint surgery,” Founder and orthopedic surgeon Dr. Padraic Obma said. “By taking the patient’s entire joint rehabilitation journey to a virtual platform, Strive is helping patients get the specialty care they need from the comfort and safety of their homes.” 

Founded in 2016 by prominent healthcare professionals in the Green Bay area, Strive has developed an innovative technology platform to transform the delivery of remote specialty care. Using FDA registered wearable technology, Strive’s remote patient monitoring and telemedicine system gives patients a direct, two-way communication channel with their doctor and care professionals from the comfort of their home. 

“Strive is very easy to use, simple and intuitive. I can see if I have a message or alert from my provider and with one click get the information I need,” former patient Karen H. said. “There’s no need to constantly log in and out of a portal. I see it, I click it and all my care is in one place.” 

By moving patient care online, Strive is allowing patients to spend less time in waiting rooms, where they could be exposed to a variety of contagions, and thus spend more time focusing on their recovery and life at home. 

“We are working with local and regional medical partners to bring Strive’s technology to our community,” Walter Cloud, Co-Founder and CEO of Strive, said. “Over 700 patients have successfully gone through the Strive platform and have achieved better outcomes as a result, allowing them to get back to what they love sooner.” 

TitletownTech, formed out of a partnership between the Green Bay Packers and Microsoft, is the first outside investor in Strive. Part of TitletownTech’s mission is to enable innovation, exploration, and disruption to address healthcare industry challenges.

“Although Strive has been focused on patient care for bone and joint surgeries, they have a flexible platform that is applicable to almost any medical specialty,” Cordero Barkley, Partner at TitletownTech said. “They are addressing a huge market need and doing it all right here in the Green Bay area.” 

Patients considering a hip or knee replacement procedure can request that their healthcare provider utilize Strive, the highest standard of care.

About Strive MedTech 

Strive​ is an innovative, HIPAA-compliant company focused on a patient’s entire joint replacement journey — from diagnosis to recovery. Redefining the delivery of musculoskeletal care, Strive uses mobile software and wearable technology to improve the entire process of joint replacement surgery. The patient data submitted through the app improves satisfaction, surgical and patient reported outcomes, allowing patients to get back to their lifestyle sooner.

About TitletownTech

Formed out of a partnership between the Green Bay Packers and Microsoft, TitletownTech builds, enables and invests in early-stage and existing businesses. The organization identifies solutions, develops startups, and funds entrepreneurs across five key verticals: sports, media and entertainment; digital health; agriculture, water & environment; advanced manufacturing; and supply chain technology. Through a three-part structure, TitletownTech enables innovation, exploration, and disruption to address industry challenges. The Innovation Lab identifies and explores digital, transformative solutions. The Venture Studio develops creative market solutions with new and existing startups. The Venture Fund invests in high-growth scalable ventures that leverage the region’s strengths.