Why Strive? How does it work?

Strive accelerates delivery of the right information at the right time throughout an episode of care, maximizing connectivity and producing consistent high-quality outcomes. Strive has found a way to harmonize the distinct needs of modern healthcare, improving the quality of life for both patients and care teams.

Recovery at Home

You receive a welcome package that includes sensors and access to our mobile app to complete your doctor assigned physical therapy, survey and educational tasks.

Improve Your Outcomes

As both patient and doctor monitor progress, surgical outcomes improves. Complications also decrease, and the patient has improved access to their doctor when issues arise.

Get Back to Your Lifestyle

As a patient uses Strive technology from home, they achieve a better outcome. They also return to life and work faster.

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What real patients say about Strive

Strive’s model of care empowers patients and care teams to chart an optimal course of health. Patients achieve a better outcome more swiftly.

I love the idea of having an app that allows patients to seamlessly work with doctors. Communication is something that’s very much lacking in healthcare these days. The app and you being so open about communication is very very refreshing.

Kay P Strive Patient

I was motivated to use the Strive app because I use to exercise 5 days a week and it drives me crazy that I can’t do what I want to do. I was highly motivated to get back to golfing and swimming. It’s a cool app. I’ve already been telling people my doctor has this cool knee app.

Karen G Strive Patient

I love Strive! It kept you on track and didn’t let you get out of doing the exercises. I love it for the pre-surgery exercises which I think added to my recovery that much faster. Strive kept me motivated! I couldn’t wait to see what encouraging message was waiting for me each day. The videos helped answer some of my questions and what they couldn’t answer, I could directly email Dr. Obma from the app.! It helped me not to put off doing my exercises and helped me remember what the exercise I was to do. I was able to return back to work in 7 weeks which helped my family without the stress of being out of work longer.

Candy K Strive Patient

The whole idea of Strive and the accountability it creates is really good. I enjoy how Strive automatically monitors you with a few simple questions, shows you how your care is going, and how well you are doing or if you have some work to do. Knowing the doctor and care team see my progress and knowing it can affect my outcome, is what kept me motivated to get better.

Jeff T Strive Patient

I used to exercise 5 days a week. I was highly motivated to get back to golfing and swimming and the Strive platform helped me achieve my goals to return to athletics within just 3 months after knee replacement surgery.

Tim D Strive Patient

Strive is very easy to use, simple and intuitive. I can see if I have a message or alert from my provider and with one click get the information I need. No need to constantly log in a and out of a portal. I see it, I click it, and all my care is in one place. I can navigate between my care plan and home page with ease.

Karen H Strive Patient

My physical therapist thought it was cool cause he could see my range of motion. It allowed for the both of us to be engaged in my care, and track my progress in real time, with real results.

Randy W Strive Patient